May 23

Source: People magazine

May 23, 2005

Newlywed Renée Zellweger and Russell Crowe proudly flash their Screen Actors Guild cards at a Hollywood event on Sunday held by the SAG Foundation, which offers education and other services to members. The actors - whose movie, The Cinderella Man, opens June 3 - talked about their experiences in the entertainment industry.

Cinderella Man world premiere, Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, Los Angeles ~ 2005

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Russell's parents
Alex and Jocelyn


Producer Brian Grazer
and Director Ron Howard


Source: The Miami Herald

May 23, 2005

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On the Prince Harry rumors, Crowe says that back when Master and Commander had its royal premiere in London, he sent letters to Princes Charles, William and Harry inviting them to attend. Only Prince Charles made it to the premiere, but Prince Harry sent a letter of regret. He signed the letter "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", a song England's national rugby team sang in 2002 when they beat the Australian national rugby team.

Crowe, an avid Australian rugby fan, says the letter was "very nice - but a royal one in the ribs."