Russell signs on for True History of the Kelly Gang

Russell signs on for True History of the Kelly Gang at Deadline

Oscar winner Russell Crowe and Captain Fantastic actor George MacKay andhave signed to star in director Justin Kurzel’s True History of the Kelly Gang, along with Nicholas Hoult and Essie Davis. The script is by Shaun Grant, based on Peter Carey’s Booker Prize-winning novel, and follows notorious bushranger Ned Kelly (MacKay), one of the world’s greatest outlaws, and thecolonial badlands from which he rose. Filming will take place Victoria, Australia in March.


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Russell weighs in on detainee crisis on Manus Island

What is happening on Manus Island – at the New York Times.

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Russell the good guy

Team Toby Leeds United

More Russell the good guy (photo at link)

Excerpt: “You know when you see someone and you think, ‘I know him,’ well that’s what happened. I was unpacking boxes and I looked up and saw this man and was ‘I know that man’ and then I realised, I do know that man,” she emphasised, laughing, “It’s Russell Crowe. And I looked at him and was ‘Ok Russell Crowe.’ My first instinct was to go ‘Ah well’ that’s nice and simply continue about my business but then he turned to me and said, ‘Do you want a hand?’ And they all jumped up and started carrying the boxes and helping me.”
She said he was “extremely chivalrous and really down to Earth. A really nice guy.” Russell was in town with his band Indoor Garden Party to make an appearance on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show. “They were all in very high spirits, a real party atmosphere on a Friday night in Dublin, very, very funny and really enjoying themselves. There was a great atmosphere around them.”

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Leeds IGP report

Here’s a fun first-person report of the Leeds show from Pete Price, “award-winning radio host, stand up comedian and TV personality. He writes a weekly column for the (Liverpool) Echo”. Pete says his friends took him to see IGP as a surprise treat. Excerpt:

The lights went down and I still had no idea. The band came on and were called ‘Indoor Garden Party’. Most of the faces were familiar, as they were actors and turned out to be musicians as well. On came the star – it was A-lister Russell Crowe, the man worth an estimated $95m. I’d heard he writes music, sings and plays the guitar and there he was in front of me. The man who won an Oscar for Gladiator, one of my favourite films of all time. He was about to sing looking slightly uncomfortable at 53.  He was so laid back and delivered a wonderful two hour. very one of them on stage was talented. You could have watched each band member for hours, in particular Scott Grimes, whose voice was amazing. He was one of the actors in Robin Hood. I didn’t know any of the music but loved every song. The whole experience was surreal and very entertaining. Later on I was invited to the bar by the promoter to meet the man himself with the band. It’s true what they say about him, he is one of the lads, enjoys partying and loves a drink. We were then invited to the aftershow party, which made me laugh as eventually they were travelling to Liverpool on the tour bus to get the ferry to Dublin. I don’t think anybody slept.


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Russell and Nicole on set of Boy Erased

Russell on the set of Boy Erased. The link is Daily Mail. Please be aware that the initial, unconfirmed report, stated simply that Russell was asked to vouch for a guy who worked for Weinstein. That is all. Matt Damon has said that he made such a call because he had no personal reason not to do so. As these things go, the tabloid media takes it and runs with it until the story becomes something totally different.

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Russell calls in to Fitzy & Wippa

Audio only from October 9 – thanks to Henrique

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Russelling up a song with the BibleCode Sundays

Russell sings on the new record from the BibleCode Sundays, Walk Like Kings. Excerpt from full story at Mayo News

… but then it’s not every day either that you have Russell Crowe on your team. Was it difficult to get the Aussie actor involved?
“We just asked him. We were both guests on The One Show on BBC One on St Patrick’s Day in 2016, and we had been in touch before that,” said Mulloy.
“We had a song out called ‘The Cinderella Man’, which, coincidentally, was the name of a film he starred in. Someone made a video using the song and the film, and Russell tweeted it. We met him subsequently at an Elvis Costello gig, where he was a guest singer, and then at The One Show.
“He told us he was a fan of the band. We’ve been in touch ever since The One Show. He has invited me out to dinner, and we met him at the after show for a gig of his in the Dorchester last Thursday week.
“He’s a gentleman, a proper good guy. His life can be quite difficult. He can’t just go to the pub, but if he could he would,” said Mulloy.
The band sent a musical piece to Crowe in Sydney, which had a New Zealand bent to it. Crowe was born there so they were hoping he would take to it.
“He came back to us to say it didn’t suit him, so we sent him another piece and didn’t hear from him for a few days … next thing he messaged us to say he was going into a studio the following day to record it.
“It’s a lovely song. Russell is a very good singer. He sings like a cowboy, with a lovely, low baritone.”

You can download the song “Hand in Hand” featuring Russell singing with Lorraine O’Reilly, who joined the IGP band for their recent England and Ireland shows at iTunes

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IGP news

Back at home after our travels to London, Leeds and Dublin to see the Indoor Garden Party shows in those cities. We managed to do a bit of sight-seeing as well. I brought home  an unwanted souvenir – broke a finger. Hopped wrong on the hop-on-hop-off bus in Dublin. Cheers to the lovely people on the bus, the EMTs and the staff at St. James hospital who took great care, gave me laughing gas and a cuppa, how can you beat that?

The shows were fantastic! As a fan of Russell’s music and an attendant at many of his shows since Austin 2000, I enjoyed this group of performers – and these wonderful songs! – so much that it almost kept me from nostalgia. That’s a difficult thing when “Weather with You” by Crowded House begins to play just prior to the start of the show. Sense memories of beach balls under a sweltering Austin sky, and of standing shoulder to shoulder, trying to “hold the line” in some crowded club, always rush back in. It was lovely to meet fans new to me although I did not get to say much more than hello.  All the familiar faces make me happy, in part because your presence validates my insanity and confirms we’ve all been touched by something wonderful that makes us want to come back.

Samantha Barks sings some of my favorite numbers off the Musical so it was disappointing when she had to drop out of the shows, although being cast in Pretty Woman is a great reason. Lorraine O’Reilly did much more than fill in, she owned “One Small Stone” with a soaring voice to match Sam’s and an added edge of a Grace Slick rocker. Lorraine met Russell via Ronan McManus, brother of Elvis Costello.

Excerpt below of interview with Lorraine, video links and photos at IndependentIE

“We thought we were going to a room to meet him and a couple of other people but there were twenty people in the room, people like Tom Jones, Ronan Keating, Ed Sheeran, David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham,” she says.

“To say I felt out of my depth is an understatement!  It was surreal.  It is one of those memories I’ll never forget. Sometimes I have to pinch myself.”

She continues, “Russell had his guitar with him, obviously expecting a sing song.  He’s really good fun, like the Irish to be fair.  He likes a drink, likes to have a bit of craic, and loves listening to music and singing songs.  So he shouted across at me, ‘Lorraine!’ – at this point we had spoken about five words to each other – ‘Lorraine, pick up the guitar and sing a song for Tom.’

“That was a moment of, ‘Oh my God if ever there’s a moment I need to shine or hold it together this is it’ so I got up and sang for the room and it was unbelievable.  It was just one of those times where the experience of being a performer and keeping your cool had to kick in.  Words couldn’t really describe how I felt inside.”

Lorraine expected that to be the end of her relationship with Crowe and the band, but in July he contacted her and asked if she would replace Samantha Barks on the three-date tour of the UK and Ireland.

“He loves music and he really wants to be doing it as much as he can but movies are the priority and after the show he leaves to go and film Boy Erased so he has a massive schedule and its al about working around it,” she says.

“We’ve talked about working together more and he’s been very complimentary to me through the process so I’m hoping to work with him again.  Watch this space!”

Russell was in fine voice for the London show at Union Chapel, which allowed him to handle more vocal duties. He acknowledged vocal difficulties at Leeds Varieties and Dublin’s Olympia theater, where Alan had the thankless task of performing “Lover’s Hands” following Russell’s ribald story of its origin. I’m sure Russell would have preferred to sing more, but he does tell a great story, doesn’t he? Poor Alan. That was hilarious.

All three venues were beautiful with wonderful sound. I did the VIP ticket in London because I wanted a good seat, but it looked hard to have a bad seat at any of the venues. I enjoyed chatting with comic and actress Caroline Rhea, who I would not have bothered but she initially mistook me for someone she knew. She’s lovely. I agreed with her assessment of Russell as “he’s just a big squishie, isn’t he?” Sing with me sisters, “and another one’s gone, another one bites the dust!”

Prior to Union Chapel we were treated to a surprise appearance of Indoor Garden Party performing “Out of Range” on the absolutely bonkers One Show.

Is this song great or what? I loved Scottie’s voice before but he’s simply amazing on IGP. At the meet and greet I couldn’t wait to congratulate and thank him. As Russell thrilled to telling us on twitter and before each show, this t.v. spot and all the radio interviews Russell did helped propel “Out of Range” to number one on the UK iTunes chart.

The IGPs included Russell, Carl Falk, who appeared to be playing both lead and bass guitar in one!, Scott Grimes, Alan Doyle, Lorraine O’Reilly, Dave Kelly, Kevin Durand, Roberta Duchak, Stewart Kirwan, and Owen Ó Súilleabháin and Moley Ó Súilleabháin with their mother Nóirín Ní Riain who sings like an angel. (edited for correct spelling)

Russell signing autographs for fans outside the BBC in London.

Lynda has many terrific videos of the performances at her Between the Rock youtube channel.
“Fields of Athenry” in London

Moving on to Leeds, Russell and company paid a visit, as you do, to Yorkshire Tea, whose banners festooned the Leeds Varieties stage. All attendees of that night’s show received complimentary boxes of Crowe’s Tea.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

It is one of Leeds’ most historic venues which has hosted audiences for more than 150 years. But the City Varieties music hall welcomed a new visitor through its doors, as New Zealand-born actor Russell Crowe visited the city centre venue. A pronounced Leeds United supporter, the movie star, who has appeared on-screen alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has now joined a limited list of celebrities who have donated money in exchange for a seat named in their honour. Speaking about the venue, Crowe said: “I love the City Varieties. It’s fantastic. When I saw the pictures of this online I thought it’s such a beautiful venue – it’s a gem.” The venue’s Name a Seat scheme launched in 2009, and Crowe’s seat plaque now reads: ‘Breathe in more than you breathe out’. The Gladiator star visited the music hall last Friday, and theatre bosses said they were “humbled” to welcome him to the venue. Ian Sime, City Varieties general manager, said: “Given the incredible talent that has graced the City Varieties Music Hall stage over the years, it is very rare that we gift a seat to an individual but we wanted to mark this historic occasion. We recognise the stature of the Oscar-winning actor and that he could have chosen to play at any number of venues in the UK. “We feel genuinely humbled and privileged to have hosted the Gladiator star and the very talented musicians and performers that make up Indoor Garden Party. The evening was a huge success.” Other celebrities who have a seat named in their, or their family’s, honour, include comedian John Bishop and TV stars Barbara Windsor and Sir Ian McKellen. Kay Mellor and Dame Judi Dench also have seats dedicated to them.

Mark Feehily joined the group to perform “Love was My Alibi” in Dublin.

Tom Fletcher gave us his take on “Weight of a Man” in both London and Dublin.

IGP performed on the Late, Late show ahead of the gigs:

Dublin was our favorite show, we agreed. Most vocal, most fun crowd by far, and with two encores. Don’t wait so long for the next one guys? And please keep writing together, great stuff, makes my commute so much better. Below are my photos – just an iPhone camera, with a few tourist pics.

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Jor-El filmed speaking Kryptonian

We almost heard Jor-El speak Kryptonian which would have been cool.

Source: Cinemablend

Linguist Dr. Christine Schreyer, creator of the film’s take on Kryptonian, explained, “They did film a few pieces because people got really excited about it, but it was in the middle of production and they were thrown in and they didn’t really flow with everything else, so they got cut out.”

The sequence referred to by Dr. Christine Schreyer during her appearance on the SuperHouse Podcast takes place towards the middle of the film when Clark Kent discovers the downed Kryptonian ship and speaks to the digital projection of Jor-El. In the unused version of the sequence, Jor-El spoke Kryptonian to his son, rather than the standard English seen in the final cut of the movie. As Clark’s first ever introduction to the culture of his people, it seems reasonably likely that the use of the language would’ve been an incredibly emotional moment for him.

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Russell on The One Show tonight

Russell and the band were on The One Show on BBC1 earlier this evening, along with Mel Brooks. You can watch the program in its entirety here:

The One Show – BBC1

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