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Great to see the team get their first win of the season, terrible to read the news of Inglis being abused, I hope they ban those fans for life. The Australian is reporting that the NRL governing body is on the verge of banning two fans who racially abused South Sydney’s Greg Inglis at Penrith Stadium in the Round 2 game. Excerpt:

Inglis raised the issue with Rabbitohs officials, who then took the matter to Penrith and the NRL. The fans are likely to face indefinite bans unless they can mount a compelling argument to clear their names. The first step towards sanctioning those responsible for abusing Inglis comes after the NRL, police and security joined forces to identify the perpetrators. Inglis, who was allegedly called a “black dog”, addressed the issue last week, describing the abuse as appalling and insisting there was no place for racial vilification in modern society.

Sam Burgess is lobbying for a Test against New Zealand in Denver, Colorado  later this year, which would be a wonderful opportunity for American Rugby League fans to see  a live game. Sam says that he and some of his fellow English players want to make the trip, which would appear to include players from teams other than the Rabbitohs. The group is facing opposition from the clubs, the NRL and the players’ union due to health and safety concerns related to Denver’s high altitude. Sam gave examples of FIFA games taking place at higher altitudes than Denver with no negative health consequences, and he says that the players are willing to cover the cost of the necessary insurance themselves. Sam also said he had spoken to Souths owner Russell Crowe and head of football Shane Richardson about the game and is keen to make it happen.

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