Russelling up a song with the BibleCode Sundays

Russell sings on the new record from the BibleCode Sundays, Walk Like Kings. Excerpt from full story at Mayo News

… but then it’s not every day either that you have Russell Crowe on your team. Was it difficult to get the Aussie actor involved?
“We just asked him. We were both guests on The One Show on BBC One on St Patrick’s Day in 2016, and we had been in touch before that,” said Mulloy.
“We had a song out called ‘The Cinderella Man’, which, coincidentally, was the name of a film he starred in. Someone made a video using the song and the film, and Russell tweeted it. We met him subsequently at an Elvis Costello gig, where he was a guest singer, and then at The One Show.
“He told us he was a fan of the band. We’ve been in touch ever since The One Show. He has invited me out to dinner, and we met him at the after show for a gig of his in the Dorchester last Thursday week.
“He’s a gentleman, a proper good guy. His life can be quite difficult. He can’t just go to the pub, but if he could he would,” said Mulloy.
The band sent a musical piece to Crowe in Sydney, which had a New Zealand bent to it. Crowe was born there so they were hoping he would take to it.
“He came back to us to say it didn’t suit him, so we sent him another piece and didn’t hear from him for a few days … next thing he messaged us to say he was going into a studio the following day to record it.
“It’s a lovely song. Russell is a very good singer. He sings like a cowboy, with a lovely, low baritone.”

You can download the song “Hand in Hand” featuring Russell singing with Lorraine O’Reilly, who joined the IGP band for their recent England and Ireland shows at iTunes

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