Go Rabbitohs! Minor Premiership 2014 – updated

Update – more on the classic rivalry from MSN sports:

“Come Thursday night, it’ll all be on for young and old and I’ll be at the game with the South Sydney faithful at an away match for us, but deep in Souths’ traditional home territory (Moore Park), wishing and cheering for nothing other than a Souths victory,” said Crowe who will attend the match.

“It is a great rivalry. Like all classic cross-town derbies, it’s our proximity to each other that intensifies it.

“There’s no single game on the league calendar that I look forward to more.”

Glory! Glory! To the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs in their upcoming battle with nemesis Roosters for the NRL minor premiership. Great news that John Sutton will be back to captain the team. Souths head into this game second on the NRL ladder.

The SMH has photo of Noah era Russell at a past game in a piece about his desire to see an expanded World Cup Challenge to include Souths, while the DT has more fired up Crowe pics with Russell’s prediction that the game will be “on for young and old” and some respectful words for Rooster’s owner Nick Politis. The latter piece also features video with Souths alumnus Michael Crocker on Round 26. We think he makes a sharp sportscaster.

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