MIA sections

If you are a frequent visitor here you may have noticed that some of our sections have gone missing or look like they were hit by a bomb. No we were not hacked, we’re doing the damage ourselves. We took down the calendar, the scans and the videos so far. We were hit with a copyright claim for using pictures scanned from a newspaper. We credited the source but it did not matter. No warning, no please take this down, just pay up or be sued for much more. At first we thought it was crazy and must be wrong but after some research we learned that this is totally legal and happening all over the internet. Very scary and very expensive, and we cannot risk having this happen again.

We are still huge Crowe fans, and we don’t want to close TRC up completely – so we are trying to evaluate what we have left, trying to find what we think is safe to keep online.  Thanks so much to all of you for your concern, and we appreciate all our readers so much – let’s just cross our fingers for the future!

Tamara and Mary Anne

About Tamara & MM

Two fans of Russell Crowe dedicated to saving, archiving, and organizing as much available information about the life and career of this amazing man as is humanly possible. A woman's work is never done....
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