Film-Buying at Cannes

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Variety‘s Gregg Goldstein has written an article that contains some info on how the process of selling distribution rights to films works, in particular how it works now at Cannes.  We’ve excerpted some of the bits that talk about The Water Diviner; if you’re interested, you can read the rest at the site.

It looks like Russell may be in Cannes in a few days!

….Jason Statham is one of the top talents who may visit Cannes to promote presales, while Crowe is expected to appear with new “Water Diviner” footage at the Majestic on May 15 to entice U.S. distribs, and “Hunger Games” stars might drop in to excite “Mockjingjay” buyers at a May 17 Cap d’Antibes party…..

….It’s also giving foreign buyers an influence on the filmmaking process once reserved for domestic distribs.

After Crowe presented a pre-production “mood reel” for “The Water Diviner,” showcasing his filmmaking team, locations and other key elements to potential AFM buyers, “a lot of the most interesting information came from the questions from the distributors who know what they’re looking for, (such as) ‘What’s the running time? I hope it’s not going to be a three-hour movie!’” Jones [Jill Jones, exec VP of international marketing and publicity at Mister Smith Entertainment] recalls.

Crowe has since invited the film’s buyers to his otherwise closed set.

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