Remedy music video

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Two fans of Russell Crowe dedicated to saving, archiving, and organizing as much available information about the life and career of this amazing man as is humanly possible. A woman's work is never done....
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2 Responses to Remedy music video

  1. James Taylor says:

    You have heard it all before but I have never commented on any web site before but the guy Crow is TOP ClASS and the way he spoke about Ray Winston being a top guy speaks for itself .It is not well published about his out look for his fellow actors namely Mr Pitt among others who he protected by taking a role the guy “Mr Pitt “was going to have a problem with and making it another top class performance .
    I just felt I should vent my appreciation for Mr Crow and carry on making the films I like to watch .
    Hope you don’t think I’m a weirdo

    • Tamara & MM says:

      We remember that story too – I think that was State of Play? And of course we don’t think you are strange – have you looked around here? What would that make US?? Lol thanks for the comment.

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