Noah Nears 300 Million

According to BoxOfficeMojo, Noah’s boxoffice figure is
nearing the $300 million mark, with $93,277,129 domestically, and  $197,400,000  in the international market, for a total of $290,677,129.  Getting close!

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2 Responses to Noah Nears 300 Million

  1. Patricia Coats says:

    i’m not at all familiar with movie box office figures…has a movie ever made a billion? do any of you know what the biggest money maker was so far, and does noah stand a chance at #1 worldwide? just wondering… 🙂

  2. Tamara & MM says:

    There have been a few that passed the billion $ mark – I think Frozen just passed that milestone, The Avengers, and the last Harry Potter – those are the ones I know about. There may be more than that – you could look at Wikipedia. 🙂

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