Mobile movie set for Fathers and Daughters

Article on the mobile movie production companies used in both Noah and Fathers and Daughters in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette with location photos at the link and mentions of the shoot length and upcoming locations:

On Wednesday morning — Day 17 of a scheduled 37-day shoot for the movie “Fathers and Daughters” — crews assembled as the sun peeked over the rooftops of million-dollar homes in Shadyside. They were there to film two scenes inside Mansions on Fifth Hotel.

Five large production trucks, five trailers and a “honeywagon” — a nicer-than-generic port-a-potty mobile bathroom unit — lined both sides of Westminster Place. Along Amberson Avenue, which runs perpendicular to Fifth Avenue, were four huge 18-wheelers, two smaller trucks and a variety of cars.

The “star trailer” for Russell Crowe, the film’s biggest name, was parked next to Shadyside Presbyterian Church. He was in Pittsburgh several years ago to film 2010’s “The Next Three Days” and had just arrived after a whirlwind press tour for his latest picture, “Noah.”

The fleet of vehicles on set Wednesday represented just a portion of the overall traveling tech show. Some trucks had been left behind at what is called “home base,” where the production company has established local offices.

In the case of “Fathers and Daughters,” that would be 31st Street Studios in Strip District.

“We are only here for today, then we’ll be all over Pittsburgh,” said Richard Middleton, one of the film’s executive producers. “We are going to be in Fox Chapel, we’ll be Downtown, we’re going to be back in Oakland at, I think — what’s the museums with the dinosaurs?

“We’ll be back at the University of Pittsburgh and then shooting on stage [at the studios] for a couple of weeks.”

Despite the presence of stars on set, most productions are decidedly unglamorous. With the exception of a black, Cadillac SUV that shined as a crew member wiped it down with a chamois cloth, the vehicles were clean but plain as milk.

Haddad’s Inc. is renting Voltage Pictures production company not just vehicles but also equipment such as lighting, cranes and scaffolding. It’s one of the biggest such vendors on the East Coast, and among its clients in New York City was the production of “Noah.”

“The trailer we have for Russell is also the one he had for ‘Noah,’ ” Mr. Middleton said. “It’s a very nice trailer.”

Although Haddad’s won’t talk specifics, Mr. Crowe’s trailer was similar to one listed on the website of “Hollywood Honeywagons and Production Vehicles.”

That one — a Pace Arrow with satellite television, full kitchen, bedroom and bath — rents for $700 a day, $3,000 a week.

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