Junket Interviews

From YouTube, junket interviews, that we assume were done either in the UK or in Paris.





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Two fans of Russell Crowe dedicated to saving, archiving, and organizing as much available information about the life and career of this amazing man as is humanly possible. A woman's work is never done....
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2 Responses to Junket Interviews

  1. Cherrylmaree says:

    Hi ladies,

    These are very interesting. I must admit to being guilty of referring to him as ‘Rusty’ in conversation… would never presume to call him anything other than Mr. Crowe to his face though. I guess it must be very hard for people to remember that familiarity is earned not taken. Your site is always respectful and a pleasure to visit. Cheers.Cm

    • Tamara & MM says:

      Thank you Cherrylmaree – we do try to be as respectful as possible. I doubt that Australians are being disrespectful when they call him Rusty as they have a tendency to shorten names and add that long “e” sound at the end to everyone’s name. Sometimes it looks like they are taking the piss out of him when they call him Rusty and that’s a national trait as well – Australians please feel free to tell me I have it wrong – but sometimes it also appears they call him Rusty with pride, when they want to claim him as their own. Just my impressions. Also I have always called him Russell both to his face and written and he responds to that quite well!

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