Joan Talks About Russell

In an interview with Parade‘s Joel Keller – Joan Rivers talks, among other things, about she and Russell on the Tonight Show together.

I haven’t watched every Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, but I think Russell Crowe moving down the couch when you came on was a first.

Let me tell you, and nobody knows this story yet: Russell Crowe knocks on my door before the show, mean Russell Crowe, cranky Russell Crowe, difficult to work with Russell Crowe, okay. Knocks on my door before the show and says, “Hi. I’m Russell Crowe. I know you’ve made jokes about me for 12 years. I’m a big fan. Can I stay and watch you on the panel?” How about that? I mean how adorable and terrific and fabulous is that? And then stayed and laughed and was wonderful. Afterward, we took pictures together. I call him Rusty now.


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