Jane Fonda blogs about working with Russell

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Jane Fonda blogs about working with Russell and with director Gabriele Muccino and has many terrific photos with them and from her time in Pittsburgh. There are plot spoilers in her blog but worth reading for her praise of Russell.

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Excerpt: In our first scene, I’ve come to pick him up from a mental institution (above) where he’s spent the past year. He has a long walk down the sloping path to where I’m waiting and watching him as he approaches, his body language, the way he was all scooped out and sunken in on himself was astonishing– the way he found to embody a man just released from such a place after 12 months. Yet, in between takes, he was friendly, present and smart. OMG the man is smart and thoughtful.

Watching Russell work these last days I was able to see up close that his gift is epic. He can be so subtle and at the same time, isn’t afraid of getting big. One minute he would be talking to me with a little boy’s charm and adorability and the next he’d have slipped to the depths of intensity and pain of his character. 

She goes on to praise his work in other films including Noah. It’s a terrific blog and we highly recommend you have a look.

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