Gladiator returning to the big screen


Regal Entertainment group will show Gladiator on Sunday April 27 and Wednesday April 30 as part of their Classic Film Series in theaters across the U.S. – check the link for times and locations.

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3 Responses to Gladiator returning to the big screen

  1. becks says:

    oh, COOOOL!!! i never saw this on the big screen – i hope it comes someplace near me!

  2. becks says:

    pooh. the closest is albany, ny, which is probably about a 15-hour drive… 🙁

  3. Patricia Coats says:

    none near me either! closest is seattle, about a 6 hr. drive away, and i don’t own a car! that bicycle ride’s a bit too far! i’ll have to settle for my screen!

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