Fonda took Fathers and Daughters role to work with Crowe

Interview with Jane Fonda at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which says that Fathers and Daughters will be filming until May 10. Excerpt:

“So, I come in, I shoot four or five small scenes and then I leave. Gabriele, the director, sent me the most fabulous email three days ago, giving me the whole backstory of my relationship with the writer that Russell Crowe plays. It was beautiful … very, very profound and touching and generous. I’d never had a director give me that.”

It had been the leading man who drew her to the project in which Pittsburgh stands in for New York, including Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope.

“I really wanted to work with him. My niece has worked with him, and my brother has worked with him,” Ms. Fonda said of the “Noah” and “Gladiator” star who appeared in “Rough Magic” with Bridget Fonda and “3:10 to Yuma” with Peter Fonda.

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