First look – The Water Diviner

… and some screen caps because we didn’t want to stop looking at it – how gorgeous does this film look?

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3 Responses to First look – The Water Diviner

  1. Cherrylmaree says:

    This clip is mesmerising… Russell’s narration, the music…. wow!! It has an epic quality already. We are a veteran family and this topic is close to our hearts. I have no doubt the film will be engaging and memorable. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Shirley Shepard says:

    It looks wonderful! This is a real teaser. Just can’t wait for the finished product. You know as great an actor that he is that he will be superb as a director! Does he do any narrations in this? He has such a beautiful voice.

  3. becks says:

    what am i going to do – what are we ALL going to do – if this film doesn’t get released in the u.s.???
    i won’t think about that now.

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