Which Bunny in The Water Diviner?

From the Herald Sun:

RABBITOHS co-owner Russell Crowe is making the most of his directing debut, organising a cheeky role for Souths chairman Nick Pappas in his upcoming film The Water Diviner.

Pappas joined the crew in Turkey last week, spending five days with Crowe on the exotic set that traces the journey of an Aussie father searching for three sons who went missing after the infamous battle of Gallipoli. In Alfred Hitchcock style, Crowe has slipped Pappas into an Instanbul market scene as a rabbit vendor to send a subliminal message to his viewers. “Russell never misses a chance to spread the Rabbitohs message and I was very honoured to take up the very small part,” Pappas told us. The corporate lawyer appears in full Turkish regalia — right down to the ‘Fez-like cap” — holding a cage full of bunnies and yelling out in Turkish: “Rabbits for sale!”. Given many of his ancestors also hailed from Turkey, the Greek-blooded Pappas was also able to offer Crowe some advice about shooting scenes in the former Ottoman Empire.

Mr. Pappas is seen in the photo below on the steps behind Russell.

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