Interview with Emma Watson

Source: Canberra Times

Excerpt:  Next, she stars opposite Russell Crowe in the biblical blockbuster Noah. Sporting matted hair and ragged clothes she plays Noah’s daughter, Ila. The film, her biggest post-Potter project so far, is directed by maverick filmmaker Darren Aronofsky of Black Swan fame, and will be released here on March 27. It’s far from a traditional Hollywood sword-and-sandals affair.

“I couldn’t really see it at first,” Watson says. “I was like, really? The two-by-two animals with the dove and the rainbow … It’s a little bit cheesy,” she laughs. “Darren’s films are so gritty and edgy and dark and I couldn’t quite mesh that with the biblical story. Then he explained his idea and it all just started to fit.” Watson won’t elaborate, except to say: “There’s a very interesting environmental aspect to the story; it’s about the choices that we have to make as human beings and there’s a kind of futuristic apocalyptic world.”

The film was shot in New York and Iceland. Watson says a highlight was working with Crowe, whom she describes as “amazing”. “I don’t think anyone else could have played this role,” she says. “It needed an actor who you believed physically would be able to build something of the magnitude of the ark, who could be a warrior and also have a complicated, internal world.” He was “not intimidating in the way you think he would be. Russell is just a really cool guy and very warm and funny. He did a concert when we were in New York with his band. He was always singing. It was freezing in Iceland and so he kitted out all of the crew with Rabbitohs [the NRL rugby league team that Crowe co-owns] beanies.”

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