Interview with Aronofsky ~ Rolling Stone

From Rolling Stone, an interview with Darren Aronofsky about Noah.  He’s doesn’t want to say too much (and I agree, let’s be surprised and amazed when we watch it), so no spoilers, more about the theme of his vision for the film.  And the interviewer seems to get it.

Here’s an excerpt (Russell gets to sing!):

How did Patti Smith get involved?
I’ve been friends with Patti for a long time, and I needed a lullaby for the movie because it’s a big part of the story. I was telling Patti about my struggles, and it turns out she’s studied lullabies and writes a lot of them. She was like, “Can I please write it for you?” And I said, “You’re asking me that question?” [Laughs] I said “absolutely” with as much of a poker face as possible. She wrote this incredible lullaby that Russell Crowe sings to Emma Watson in the movie. It’s really touching and beautiful.

Sounds great to me.

Read the rest of the interview at the site.

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