A night at The Mint – updated!

We are having fun. First to pick up Mary Anne from LAX then we had a day to sample the flat whites (wonderful) and fare at Coffee + Food on Melrose and haunt the local vintage clothing stores before heading over to The Mint. It was wonderful to see those with whom I have stood shoulder to shoulder from Newcastle to New York over the past 15 years as well as meet some new friendly people. A shout out to Lily who was so sweet and gave me the set list she got off the stage.  Thanks so much to Lynda at BetweenTheRock on YouTube for the video below.

Alan Doyle and his backing band The Beautiful Gypsies – notably terrific guitarist Corey Tetford and Kendel Carson on electric fiddle and vocals – and his guests Russell Crowe, Scott Grimes, Samantha Barks and Carl Falk put on a killer show at The Mint in L.A. last night. The tiny club was sold out to the the door and was jumping the minute Alan, a consummate showman who knows how to throw a party, took the stage. Alan and band tore through several numbers off his excellent new record So Let’s Go, as well as some crowd favorites from his first solo record Boy on Bridge and past catalogue with Great Big Sea. Alan included some of the songs he’s written with Russell over the years – see the photo of the set list below. We were all in a happy lather by the time he introduced Samantha Barks, lovely and sweet voiced as always, and then Russell who came on for a smokin hot version of “that old Australian folk song” Folsom Prison Blues. Next Scott Grimes, voice of an angel and cute as a bug, sang Man in the Mirror. Scott’s voice is capable of much more challenging material but that one is a crowd pleaser and it was a rowdier party than the IGP affairs.
It was just a taste to whet our appetites until later. I asked Russell after the show when will we get a longer set and he said, “September … Europe … Save your pennies.”
Russell tweeted after that he had to run as they had one last night to finish recording the Crowe / Doyle Songbook Volume 8.



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Russell Crowe presents BRIT Award to Ed Sheeran

Russell Crowe will introduce his directorial debut The Water Diviner at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and participate in a post-screening Q&A at the Savoy Cinema on Friday March 20.

In case you missed it on twitter, here is a recap of Russell’s twitter Q&A which coincided with the release of the US trailer

Russell offers The South Side Story as a model for resurrecting Leeds United

Russell Crowe presents Ed Sheeran the Album of the Year Award February 25, at the O2 Arena in London

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UK The Water Diviner Poster


from Flicks and Bits

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South Sydney wins World Club Challenge! – updated

World Club Challenge slideshow

News and fan reports say that Russell stayed to sign autographs and take photos with fans for close to an hour.


Souths win 39 to 0! Masterful performance by the team. The announcers said it was the largest margin ever. Congrats to all!

Game footage and a look at the celebratory team – video

Russell Crowe beams as he watches South Sydney romp – great pics at link

Souths romp to record win – photos of the victors

Interview with Man of the Match George Burgess and Captain Greg Inglis, CEO Shane Richardson – video

South Sydney Rabbitohs thrash St Helens – video

Gallery of photos of Russell

Russell arrived by helicopter and is sitting with Djimon Hounsou (Juba from Gladiator) and Sammy Burgess (whose face looks great after all that work!)

“Coming by helicopter was the easiest thing to do. We had plans of driving here because actually I wanted to go to Staffordshire and check out a couple of pottery places,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m a bit of fan of teacups and stuff. I know that sounds funny but I’ve got a big collection.

“But it worked out easier to fly up by helicopter so I did that.” – from The Sentinel

 Unfortunate side note: one of the doofus announcers confused Djimon Hounsou with Samuel L Jackson.  Great photo at the link of Sammy, Djimon and Russell

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FilmInk article

From the FilmInk Jan/Feb 2015 issue. Click on small image to see the full-size one.

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Russell Crowe on The Last Leg and BBC video interview

BBC – lengthy video interview with Russell

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Crowe backs Burgess and World Club Challenge news

Sam Burgess should be playing for England says Russell Crowe

Crowe backs Burgess for England  - thanks Steph

Russell Crowe believes top NRL teams should play

World Club Challange – South Sydney vs. St Helens



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Rabbitohs news – updated

You can watch the World Club Series Rugby League: St. Helen’s vs. South Sydney  match on Fox Soccer Plus. It shows live at 10:45am Pacific Time. Check your local cable listings.

Sam Burgess still flying the flag for South Sydney – Sammy will be in St. Helen’s to cheer on his brothers and former teammates on in the World Club Challenge

Here come the Bunnies – photo gallery of Souths arriving at Manchester airport

Great news: Kyle Turner’s spinal injury not as serious as initially feared


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The Water Diviner US trailer

Live, from Beverly Hills, California ….


Did you get to participate in The Water Diviner Q&A with Russell Crowe on twitter today? What fun! Check his twitter feed for all of his witty and insightful answers. The new US trailer is below.

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The Water Diviner – new poster and Q&A



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