Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in Empire

Scans from Empire magazine January 2016, thanks to RyanGoslingFrance

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Ryan Gosling says Crowe ‘hysterical’ in The Nice Guys

Video at Collider – Ryan Gosling talks about the Shane Black film and working with Russell Crowe:

“I don’t know what to say. It’s Shane Black. He’s a world unto himself. His world is so fun and crazy. I had such a great time. Russell Crowe is so funny in the movie. I can’t wait for people to see that in the movie. It’s not a side of himself that he shows very often, but he’s hysterical.”

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Russell and Mickey

Russell Crowe and Mickey Castellano on The Truth About Us


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Fathers and Daughters press

Some mixed reviews – two at Movies i.e and Irish Times – for Fathers and Daughters coming in from the UK, with critics finding fault with the story’s sentimentality. Every single review that I have read, however, says Russell is terrific and especially so with his young co-star Kylie Rogers. I am holding out hope for a U.S. release but no word on that as yet. Article with photos from the set at the Express

“It speaks about the essential love between a parent and a child. There’s a lot of things in this movie that people will connect to their own lives,” Crowe adds. “I’ll give you a warning ahead of time though, you better take some tissues.”

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Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany: Russell Crowe is Frank to a Fault by LarryKingNow

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Breakthrough Prize Ceremony

Russell was a presenter at the 3rd Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony in Mountain View, California last night, and spoke about John and Alicia Nash. The awards honor contributions to the fields of life sciences, math and physics. The show will be rebroadcast on FOX Sunday, Nov. 29, at 7-8 p.m.ET/PT (thanks Lily!)

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Ridley Scott receives Star on Walk of Fame

Ridley Scott was presented with his Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. Russell Crowe and Kristen Wiig, who appears in Scott’s latest film, The Martian, turned out to fete the master director and producer. Other entertainment luminaries in attendance included Djimon Hounsou, Eli Roth, Jerry Bruckheimer and Salma Hayek. Scott dedicated the award to his brother and partner, the late Tony Scott.

Crowe, who has worked with Scott on five films and grown to become a close friend, said that next to working on a set with Scott, his favorite thing to do is tell stories of those collaborations. “We fought back the barbarian hordes deep in a forest…right next to Gatwick airport,” he joked. “We harvested grapes in the south of France together, we held a medieval castle to siege — we’ve done a lot of things.”

Over the course of a director’s career, Crowe went on, if he or she can produce just one iconic image that holds in people’s minds as soon as they hear the name, then that would be a career of significance. “You’re talking about a guy like Ridley. When you mention his name — the birth scene in ‘Alien,’ the streetscapes of ‘Blade Runner,’ Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon going over a cliff in a car — the images he’s created, the adventures he’s taken the audience on, have just been amazing… This honor, well, quite frankly, it’s just about time, isn’t it?” – Variety


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In Sand and Blood: AFM report

Deadline says things are slow at this year’s American Film Market in Santa Monica, but who cares when they talk about Russell’s next project like this:

In Sand And Blood can certainly boast a spectacular, epic story with a stirring script, a classy producer in Luc Roeg, a talented director in Saul Dibb and bona fide A-lister in Crowe in a heroic leading role right in his wheelhouse.

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Russell Crowe at the Hollywood Film Awards

November 1 – Russell arrives to the Hollywood Film Awards, the unofficial kick off to the awards season. More at Getty.

Russell on the red carpet with Joel Edgerton and Johnny Depp

Russell presents Ridley Scott with the Hollywood Producer Award for The Martian

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That old gang of his …

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