Russell pranked Nicole on Boy Erased

The Sydney-born star continues: “And then, of course, Nicole walks in on the set of this church and she spots a BMX Bandits T-shirt. And then another one. And then another one. She rolls her eyes [and says] ‘Russell!’ He thought it was great.”

“[Russell] kept talking about BMX Bandits and Nicole kept going, ‘Russell, Russell, stop it,’” Edgerton says. “Within three days he had somehow managed to get 20 BMX Bandits T-shirts printed at a local T-shirt shop with the poster with Nicole with her flaming red hair, riding a BMX. He made all these crew put them on.”

more at Bravo (NZ)
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Casting for Loudest Voice

Casting update for The Loudest Voice in the Room from Coming Soon

Showtime has announced that Golden Globe nominee Sienna Miller, Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Seth MacFarlane, Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Simon McBurney and Annabelle Wallis have joined the cast of the network’s upcoming eight-episode limited series about Fox News founder Roger Ailes.

Based on extensive reporting by Gabriel Sherman for his bestselling book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, the series stars Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Russell Crowe in the title role and Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson. Crowe also serves as an executive producer on the series. Emmy nominee Kari Skogland will direct the first two episodes. Production is set to begin next month in New York.

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New poster for Boy Erased

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To all the horses I’ve loved before

 Story at The Guardian


“There’s a horse, George, who I gave the speech in the forest in Gladiator on,” he said on Twitter. “Years later he was on the set of Robin Hood and we would have a chat every day.

“Same with the white horse, Rusty, in Robin Hood. We chatted again on Les Mis. Lifelong friends.”

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Director and cast of Boy Erased at TIFF

Video of director Joel Edgerton and cast members – sadly minus Russell – talk about Boy Erased. Thanks Allison!


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Joel Edgerton on ‘Boy Erased’

Interview with Director Joel Edgerton at L.A. Times. Excerpt:

With Nicole and Russell, I was actually concerned about the one-two punch of them because they were Australian and I was Australian and the story was very American. But when I met with Garrard, I asked him to send me some family photographs and when I saw his father, I was like, “Oh my God, it’s Russell Crowe.” And Garrard’s mother is this translucent peroxide blond and I just pictured Nicole.  I felt strangely like some sort of acting cupid that I finally put those two people together. But given their friendship and history, it was like they were already married when they turned up on the set.

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Early reports on Boy Erased – updated

Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair  Excerpt:

… there’s a terrific scene toward the end of the film in which Jared calmly, but with a tremble of emotion in his voice, lays out to his father what a continued relationship between the two of them would have to look like. It’s a smart, emphatic, direct piece of writing. And Hedges and Crowe are terrific together, as two men—one young and newly free with self-discovery, the other old and needing to reconsider toxic, long-held ideals—trying to lurch themselves forward together.

Steven Farber’s review at at The Hollywood Reporter

Jared’s father (Crowe) is an Arkansas pastor, and his wife (Kidman) is also a devout Christian, but they clearly love their only son, and the film resists the temptation to caricature them.

Crowe captures the single-mindedness of a religious zealot, along with genuine concern for his son. Kidman’s role is even richer, for her journey involves not simply accepting her son but also recognizing her own subjugation in a male-dominated community. When she apologizes to her son for her complicity in bending to her husband and the other men in town, her confession is wrenching as both a gay-positive and feminist statement, timely on both counts without being overstated.

David Erlich for IndieWire (also positive)

Looks like Telluride is the opener.

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Russell at the game – updated

Update – article at the Advertiser about Sophia Forrest who was sitting with Russell at the game. She’s an actress and the daughter of Russell’s longtime friend Andrew Forrest.

Souths romped all over Wests Tigers last night winning 51-10 in the run up to the finals. Sam Burgess left the field early with a suspect hamstring. Game wrap up at Russell was in attendance.
Embed from Getty Images

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Festival dates for Boy Erased

Boy Erased will have it’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival September 6-16, if it does not show up at Telluride first (they don’t announce films ahead of time). It will then go to the 54th Chicago International Film Festival on October 10-21, followed by the Austin Film Festival October 25 to November 1.

You can read more at Deadline, Chicago Tribune and IndieWire

And a sad if not surprising detail from the documentary film makers of The Last Blockbuster. The Cinderella Man jockstrap has gone missing – at

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Russell as Henry Power

Photos of Russell as Henry Power in The True History of the Kelly Gang at

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