Russell and Gabriele Muccino at Penguins game


Above from Gabriele Muccino’s Facebook

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News from Pittsburgh

News footage of Russell shooting Fathers and Daughters; thanks to KDKA Channel 2.

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Fonda took Fathers and Daughters role to work with Crowe

Interview with Jane Fonda at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which says that Fathers and Daughters will be filming until May 10. Excerpt:

“So, I come in, I shoot four or five small scenes and then I leave. Gabriele, the director, sent me the most fabulous email three days ago, giving me the whole backstory of my relationship with the writer that Russell Crowe plays. It was beautiful … very, very profound and touching and generous. I’d never had a director give me that.”

It had been the leading man who drew her to the project in which Pittsburgh stands in for New York, including Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope.

“I really wanted to work with him. My niece has worked with him, and my brother has worked with him,” Ms. Fonda said of the “Noah” and “Gladiator” star who appeared in “Rough Magic” with Bridget Fonda and “3:10 to Yuma” with Peter Fonda.

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Joan Talks About Russell

In an interview with Parade‘s Joel Keller – Joan Rivers talks, among other things, about she and Russell on the Tonight Show together.

I haven’t watched every Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, but I think Russell Crowe moving down the couch when you came on was a first.

Let me tell you, and nobody knows this story yet: Russell Crowe knocks on my door before the show, mean Russell Crowe, cranky Russell Crowe, difficult to work with Russell Crowe, okay. Knocks on my door before the show and says, “Hi. I’m Russell Crowe. I know you’ve made jokes about me for 12 years. I’m a big fan. Can I stay and watch you on the panel?” How about that? I mean how adorable and terrific and fabulous is that? And then stayed and laughed and was wonderful. Afterward, we took pictures together. I call him Rusty now.


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Noah worth seeing for Crowe

Deadline has a piece today on Paramount kicking off an Oscar campaign for Noah and Betsy Sharkey praising Russell’s performance at the L.A.Times today:

Whether or not you embrace director Darren Aronofsky‘s fierce biblical vision in “Noah,” it’s worth seeing the film for the remarkably moving performance by Russell Crowe in the title role. The actor seems to do his best work in period pieces, the more centuries away from the present the better. Crowe’s very good Roman soldier in “Gladiator” won him an Oscar in 2001, and his swashbuckling ship captain in “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” greatly buoyed that film. It’s not that Crowe can’t thrive in more contemporary eras — his other Oscar nominations were for portraying Nobel-winning mathematician John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind” and a big-tobacco whistle blower in Michael Mann’s “The Insider.” But somehow in “Noah” Crowe reaches higher ground, the actor embodying a soul-searching man torn between family and faith. And when the most difficult choices must be made, you see the pain etched in Crowe’s face as Noah goes with God. Yes, the film at times is over the top — fallen angels as towering rock monsters for one — but Aronofsky’s artistic vision is searing. And Crowe is masterful carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.


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Unofficial poster for Fathers and Daughters

Posted by Director Gabriele Muccino at twitter:

To work with is an incredible experience. Huge charisma, powerful, just greatly powerful!


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Jai Courtney talks about working with Russell

jaicourtneyJai Courtney can be seen in Divergent in theaters now and will be in Russell’s feature directorial debut The Water Diviner at the end of this year. Courtney says, in an interview at The Sydney Morning Herald, that Crowe was, ”incredible to watch. As an actor and director (of The Water Diviner), he’s in the dirt one minute, dealing with some incredibly emotional, intense stuff, calling ‘cut!’, getting up out of that and running to the monitors to check the shot, giving directions to actors before going back into the dirt for another take … If I could have half the career he has I would be pretty stoked with that.”

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Russell Crowe and the Fondas

Russell is pleased to be working with Jane Fonda and brings up a cool fact. He has worked with Bridget Fonda on Rough Magic, Peter Fonda on 3:10 to Yuma and now with Jane on Fathers and Daughters.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.22.51 AM







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Casting news for Fathers and Daughters

Deadline Hollywood and Variety both have it that Jane Fonda and Bruce Greenwood have joined the cast of Fathers And Daughters. Fonda will play long time friend and literary agent to Russell’s character.

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Russell at Shady Side

shadysideFrom the school’s Facebook:

Actor Russell Crowe was persuaded to pose with Shady Side Academy students Alayna Trice and Olivia Stokes at the senior school campus in Fox Chapel on April 10. Crowe and crews for the movie “Fathers and Daughters” used a parking lot on the campus as their base camp for production trucks, stars’ trailers and craft services while they were shooting nearby. In the film, Crowe stars as a famous novelist whose daughter, played by Amanda Seyfried, reflects on her childhood while struggling with relationship issues. It is set to open in 2015.

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