New images from Fathers and Daughters

Thanks to Steph for the find

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Russell Crowe hopes for commercial result

Here’s a Huffington Post interview, originally from the press junket, reprinted to coincide with the dvd release of The Water Diviner – worth reading again for the many direct quotes:

“Here’s the thing, as an actor I used to think that I had the greatest job in the world.

“And then I did this. You know? And at this stage in my life this is, it really suits me to be doing this to you know but this is a gamble. This is the risk in play. It’s a three year process to direct a movie to this point now where it’s finally coming out and what’s on the line is essentially if I get a commercial result I buy my freedom. For 25 years I’ve been a gun for hire actor making lead roles and feature films and if Ridley Scott’s going to, wants to shoot in Morocco, we go to Morocco. If Darren Aronofsky wants to shoot in Iceland well, we’re going to Iceland. You know? I’ve got two boys. I’ve got an eight year old and an eleven year old and I need to be home more. So if I can wrest creative control, then I benefit in two ways. One is suits me now at this stage to actually run the show to make those creative decisions and also it means that my pre-production, post-production, the majority of any given year is going to be spent where my kids are so that’s the gamble but I need a commercial result.”

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Fathers and Daughters poster

And here’s the US poster! Gorgous!


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Fathers and Daughters trailer

Longer than the international version –

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Fathers and Daughters trailer and stills

from The Film Stage. Looks to be a three hanky weepy!

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IGP update

Russell’s been busy at twitter.

For those concerned with IGP’s. There’s 5 people with gigantic lives. It comes down to 4/5 can do four days … I’ll let you know when I do

Samantha Barks has landed the lead role in Amelie, which begins previews Aug. 28 with a Sept. 11 opening at Berkeley Reperatory Theater in California. Variety notes that this theater has previously been a launching pad for Broadway bound productions.

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Russell Crowe to Taylor Swift

Russell Crowe joined in the chorus requesting Taylor Swift allow the use of one of her songs by the Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney after the director Anne-Louise Sarks tweeted him. Details at The Daily Mail.

Hey @taylorswift13 , remember that time we lived together on opposite sides of the same hotel? That makes us close right? Next tweet ~

Hey @taylorswift13 #2 the Belvoir St theatre company in Sydney is a very cool independent co, they need your assistance, they want Next ~

Hey @taylorswift13 #3 your help. A song in a play.They are cool, you are cool, your songs are cool , can’t all this coolness just get along?

Sorry @taylorswift13 , you already did. That’s ’cause your cool.

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Greetings from Sydney, Australia!

I am travelling with my son Connor in Australia and at the moment we are back in Sydney after a week in Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is endangered and may well disappear within our lifetimes so I urge you to go and see it and their rain forests if you can – we had a truly amazing experience there. Last night we were at ANZ Stadium for the game between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Newcastle Knights, and were honoured to be the guests of The Burrow. We did our best to learn the songs and sing loud and proud. It was a stunner of a game with the Bunnies back in their best form, all team members healthy and on hand to thump the Knights 52 to 6. Russell was present with Julie Burgess, mother of the mighty Burgess brothers – photos at Zimbio. Watch the match highlights and more at the official site of the South Sydney Rabbitohs

I have been posting the news at our twitter and Facebook accounts (see links to the right) which are easier for me to manage from my phone so my apologies for adding the news late to the website. In film news, Deadline says Russell is rumoured as being sought for a part in Kong Skull Island.

Also an interview with Mark Staufer, long time friend of Russell’s, back to when they were in a high school band together.


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Love Was My Alibi

Available on iTunes – the beautiful single “Love Was My Alibi” and The Water Diviner soundtrack


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Russell is in L.A.

Apparently with the family and working with Carl Falk and Scott Grimes on the Crowe Doyle Songbook Volume VIII according to his post on twitter. The DT has photos of him at his favored cafe and with Charlie. Warning: Annette Sharp is still not over Russell beating her in that bike challenge.

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