Crowe and Packer to be joint owners of South Sydney – updated

Cute photo of both men in their team caps at the DT

Updated – “This is a very proud day for my family,” Packer said in the statement. “My father had a long history and association with Souths and to now be a co-owner with Russell Crowe and the members is an honour and a privilege. I am hopeful that working together with Russell, Souths Chairman Nick Pappas and CEO Shane Richardson, we can win more premierships for the fans, secure the club’s long term financial future and in time establish Souths as Australia’s number one football club; with the biggest supporter base for all codes.”

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Kim Basinger reunites with Crowe for Nice Guys

Kim Basinger is to join Russell in The Nice Guys. THR has a little more detail on the plot:

The story, set in 1970s Los Angeles, follows a private eye (Gosling) and a hired leg breaker (Crowe) who must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star.

Basinger will play a chief justice with dubious interests.

– thanks to Gail and Norma at twitter for the heads up!

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Aronofsky lauded for animal safety and TWD screens for AACTA

Darren Aronofsky to receive first Humane Society Filmmaker Award  in New York on November 21. – at The Wrap

The Water Diviner preview screenings for AACTA members – at TWD blog

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Film news: The Water Diviner and Nice Guys


Another photo of Russell at the Australian International Movie Convention on October 15.

Nice Guys casts its bad guys:

Beau Knapp and Keith David have been cast as the adversaries in the Shane Black-helmed movie.

From an article on the miserable box office performance of Son of a Gun with Ewan McGregor in Australia this past weekend:

Expect to see a rush of articles about the demise of the Australian film industry over the coming weeks, with all hope now resting on Russell Crowe’s Gallipoli epic The Water Diviner, which is due out on Boxing Day.

No pressure, Russell. Just the fate of the Australian film industry is all.

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The Water Diviner novel

The Water Diviner novel to be released in Australia December 9 – more details from Andrew Anastasios at TWD blog

Gladiator war coach to be restoredMr Charlesworth is willing to keep interested parties updated on the progress of the project and is open for suggestions for exhibiting the finished war coach.


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Print ad for The Water Diviner


December 26 in Australia, other release dates at IMDb  Sadly – no date yet for the US.

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Russell Crowe at Australian Itnl Movie Con


from The Water Diviner Facebook page

and another Photo of Russell Crowe at the Australian International Movie Convention on the Gold Coast at link

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Russell on Gold Coast today and Nice Guys news and The Gold Coast Bulletin at Facebook says that Russell will appear at the Australian International Movie Convention on the Gold Coast today with a preview of The Water Diviner.

The DailyMail has 4 stills from The Water Diviner, 1 is new to us.

Margaret Qualley for the Nice Guys – Empire with more plot details:

The story finds Gosling as wayward, troubled private eye Holland March, who crosses paths in Los Angeles with hired muscle Jackson Healy (Crowe). These unlikely allies must prowl the mean streets of Los Angeles to solve the case of a missing girl, which soon develops links to the death of a porn star. As they unravel the cases, they discover a massive conspiracy with tentacles in the highest levels of power. Qualley will be a social activist who looks the spitting image of a porn star named Misty Mountains, which we’re sure is something that will factor into the case. It’s another big jump for her, but if her performance in The Leftovers is anything to go by, a welcome one. Black is working towards a release date now set for June 17, 2016 and should be shooting next year.

We are also seeing near-daily ads for extras and stand-ins for The Nice Guys and those list filming dates anywhere from next week through February in Atlanta and Los Angeles.


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Crowe credits Maguire

Rabbitohs NRL win reveals the real Russell Crowe

Excerpt: Indeed it seems the real, off-camera Russell Crowe, who marked his 50th birthday back in March, is very much a different man than the one the public has perceived for so long.

I have a massive mum-crush on Julie Burgess  (me too!)

“Write about Maguire, he’s the man who made the difference” – thanks Nicole

Excerpt: Crowe was in the Bunnies’ room. He had already shed a tear high in the stands. When he was on the ground he sought out Issac Luke and gave him a ring – not a grand final ring – but one  he designed for the team in Los Angeles about five years ago. It’s a loaner for Luke until the club buys Luke a ring.

Those are the little things Crowe does for the players and it’s why they love him. Crowe went to Prince of Wales Private Hospital to visit Sam Burgess and was there for more than an hour. He was by his bed with Burgess’ family. He was in awe of the toughness and loved how Burgess didn’t take his grand final ring off during the operation to repair his head, telling the medical staff to tape it up. And of how he told the nurses to call him Clive (because he won the Churchill Medal). Burgess may have got that line from Greg Inglis, who renamed himself Clive after winning the same award. You cannot ignore that it was Crowe who wooed Burgess – in fact the whole clan – to Souths. Crowe had every reason to boast but he didn’t when he spoke.

“I was seven years old in 1971 … I’ve got two kids – a 10-year-old and an eight-year-old.  It’s a funny thing that we have in Australia, sport is a very important thing to us. It can inspire a lot of great things.

“It a fantastic example, the coaching staff, the administration, this group of players. It’s a great example you can pick yourself up by the boot straps when you are down and out and you have nothing going on and you can do it. And that is a very important thing to do.

“The strength of the community and the team as an inspirational platform for other kids’ ambitions, that’s why we are doing this.  On the scale of happiness this is pretty close to the top. To be a little part of just nudging this to happen is special.”

Before the grand final Crowe took his sons on a tour of Souths’ heartland. “I went for a drive with my boys, we went through Redfern, Larpa [La Perouse], Kingsford and Maroubra and they were just blown away by what they saw, the amount of red and green, it’s just sport but it’s a pretty nice moment.”

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Grand Final celebrations continue and other news

Video from Brisbane Times

Ray Martin says art could imitate life for Russell Crowe and Rabbitohs

Blue Mountain bushfire survivors battle on

Excerpt: After actor Russell Crowe heard about Mr Moore’s plight, he donated $10,000 to the family last year.

Rabbitohs open top bus parade – lots of photos

Patti Smith first shot at an Oscar with Noah song

Stake in Rabbitohs sounds good to Packer

Excerpt: “The opportunity has come up,” Packer said. “I think what Russell and Peter have done with the team has been incredible, it is an amazing turnaround and an amazing story. I feel very fortunate to be even able to have the opportunity to participate in something like this.”

“I consider Russell a very close friend,” Packer said. “He is going to be the lead. He and Peter — but he probably even more than Peter, who has been living overseas for a while now — is the reason that the club is where it is so I’ll be doing whatever he tells me.

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