Russell Crowe takes apartment off market

Russell has taken his Finger Wharf apartment in Wolloomooloo off the market after declining a 25 million offer. He had reportedly been asking 30 million for the luxury residence. His Kingsford unit block, located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, sold for double what he originally paid. More details and photos at the Daily Mail

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Gladiator remembered in Morocco

Toronto Star – Film geeks will adore Morocco

OUARZAZATE, MOROCCO-Like the handful of other homes within the mud-walled village of Ait Benhaddou, Mohamed Kachir’s living room has two things: a vertical loom for weaving the colourful Berber carpets famous throughout Morocco and a portrait of Russell Crowe.

Kachir, 31, a part-time tour guide, was 15 when he first met the star, when Crowe and director Ridley Scott came to “the door of the desert” near Morocco’s High Atlas mountains in 1999 to films scenes for the Oscar-winning drama Gladiator.

“Russell Crowe was good,” recalls Kachir before pouring mint tea for visitors. Photo albums hold pictures from the Gladiator set, along with stills from other films shot at Ait Benhaddou, including Babel, Kingdom of Heaven and from Kachir’s last job as an extra, TV’s Game of Thrones.

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Dr. Henry Jekyll

The Mummy (2017)
Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe

New image from EW

“Russell Crowe is Dr. Henry Jekyll, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.”

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2017 South Sydney membership drive

Featuring Hayley Legg’s beautiful rendition of Glory in Their Eyes

Russell Crowe brings Hollywood star appeal to South Sydney Rabbitohs’ emotional membership campaign

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Crowe will not be charged in Azealia Banks scuffle

The Hollywood Reporter:

Los Angeles prosecutors say they will not charge Russell Crowe with battery over a scuffle with rapper Azealia Banks in a Beverly Hills hotel room earlier this year.

A charge evaluation worksheet released Wednesday by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office states Crowe struggled with Banks and threw her out of his hotel room in October after she picked up a glass and threatened people with it. They rejected filing a battery charge against the actor due to Banks’ actions and her lack of visible injuries.

The filing states a prosecutor determined that a jury would likely “find the physical escort out of the room was justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks.”

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The Mummy behind the scenes

Fight scene!


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Dr Jekyll


Universal Monsters Universe has more detail on Russell’s Dr Jekyll character. Excerpt:

Dr. Jekyll, who’s dedicated his life and resources to studying the monsters within society since the beginning of civilization.  …

Will we eventually be seeing Mr. Hyde though? All Kurtzman could offer was the following, “The problem is, the person who seems to be the face of the organisation may or may not be trustworthy, and may or may not himself be a monster. So what does that mean?

More from Empire online:

And nowhere is that better illustrated than by the presence of Russell Crowe, the man who says that line. Although Crowe’s suited, booted and bearded character isn’t named in the trailer, Kurtzman has confirmed a long-standing rumour: that he’s actually Dr. Henry Jekyll. Yes, Robert Louis Stevenson’s tortured doctor, who famously has something of an identity crisis. But thinking of him as merely the Nick Fury – or Furry – of this new franchise is not entirely accurate.

“He’s the voice that begins to tell us the history of monsters,” says Kurtzman. “He’s part of an organisation that’s been studying that. I’ll use ‘studying’ as a very loose term. They’ve been doing a lot of things in relation to monsters. One reason that he’s there is that the audience is going to need an introduction into this world, so who’s that going to be from?”

But there’s also bite to Jekyll’s bark. Again, not seen in the trailer but confirmed by Kurtzman is a fight scene between Morton and the doctor that took four days to shoot, while Jekyll’s movitations are fairly sketchy. “As a character, Nick has several paths he can go on – are you going to be the good version of yourself or the bad version? Are you going to be the human or the monster? That also describes Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, so suddenly there was a reason for that character to exist in relation to Nick Morton. Henry Jekyll has been where Nick is going.”

And if Jekyll’s around, can we expect his alter-ego to make an appearance? Will Jekyll Hyde-out? “I would certainly hope so,” grins Kurtzman.

Moving this comment to the front –

Steven Biscotti
Thank you so much for the lovely mention on your site. I and the rest of the team at UMU could not be more proud and excited for “The Mummy,” and it’s so great seeing like-minded fans so thoroughly enthused and hyped.

Russell Crowe is going to be one of the scene stealers and an amazing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the Monsters Universe of films.

Be well!

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The Mummy full trailer

Of course they used Russell’s line as the voice over for the official trailer! Best voice in movies!

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Russell and sons at Woolloomoolivin’ charity event

Russell, Charlie and Tennyson showed up to shoot hoops prior to the actual event. Photos at Gold Coast Bulletin

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Teaser trailer for The Mummy

About 3 frames of Russell in this teaser. Hoping for more in the full trailer!


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