The Water Diviner opens US and Canada April 24

Huffington Post review of The Water Diviner by Jaime Lubin (highly recommend following her on twitter):

“Russell Crowe may be the most misunderstood artist working today. The common perception of the hot-tempered Oscar winner “fightin’ ’round the world” continues to unfairly overshadow the actor’s impressive body of work (Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, American Gangster, Robin Hood, Noah, the list goes on). It’s a damn shame, because people who subscribe to this line of thought are completely missing the fact that Crowe is at heart a craftsman with a singular, intense appreciation for the creative process. Lucky for those of us paying attention that Crowe’s passions are able to come alive in full force through his debut directorial feature, The Water Diviner.”

Review at The Wrap – excerpt:

Crowe’s beauty-seeking, but exoticizing camera is slightly outmatched by his performance, which anchors the film with regret tinged with hope. But what continues to haunt after the credits finish rolling are the film’s explorations of the trauma of life after war: The brutally quick political shifts, the lingering shame of committing vicious and dishonorable acts, and the bitter knowledge that there’s no such thing as lasting peace.

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Russell on US TV

Russell will be on the Late, Late Show with James Corden April 29 – thanks Allison

Well, it ain’t Folsom!

There are photos of Russell on Jimmy Fallon at Getty – and he’s going to sing!

Kelly and Michael this morning:

Today Show interview on The Water Diviner

With Kathie Lee and Hoda – video

Russell knows the way to Kathie Lee and Hoda’s hearts – wine!
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.04.47 AM

And on radio! Russell is hilarious on the Mancow Show –

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Russell Crowe with Richard Roeper

These are so much better, more thoughtful, more detailed than the t.v. interviews. Great job by Richard Roeper.

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The Water Diviner opens in U.S. and Canada April 24

“The thing I liked about Joshua is that he is the Australian I grew up aspiring to be,” says Russell Crowe.

Crowe’s interest stems from when he was young and his father was a hotel manager. On Anzac Day — the equivalent of our Memorial Day — the place would fill up with veterans and he would hear them tell stories.

“There was a camaraderie among the men who would gather to remember the men that they fought with,” he explains. “And I kind of got a sense from them that the grief they had been through and the things they had experienced had actually opened their hearts.”

Most veterans, he notes, are reticent to talk about their battlefield experiences, “But the indelible impression that it left with them was how precious life is.” – at LADaily News

Russell Crowe talks directing, story selection and his career – Collider

Smart review from The Republic – excerpt:

The film gives a lot of space to emotions, but Crowe reins in his outsized personality to contribute an affecting, understated performance and, as director, underplays the allegories, particularly the recurring water motif, so they seep through the narrative organically. He also has surrounded himself with talented co-stars — Ryan Corr’s heartrending turn in the grisly flashback battlefield scenes is particularly memorable — and a top-drawer crew. Oscar-winner Andrew Lesnie’s (The Lord of the Rings) cinematography is so exquisite that sometimes it alone propels the story.

Russell Crowe moves into directing – with a lovely photo – at USA Today. Excerpt:

… And while he’s away filming movies, Russell admits he is often left feeling heartbroken by the distance between himself and his children.

“[It’s] very tough. It’s the most difficult thing. You’re asking me on the wrong day. I spent nearly two hours this morning sitting by myself watching videos of my children. How sad is that, right? Sad, old, lonely man,” he told USA Today.

Russell is currently promoting his new film The Water Diviner, which he starred in and directed. The Hollywood A-lister can’t wait to finish promotional efforts so he can get back home to Australia and be with his boys.

But when Russell returns to the family farm, he’s sure his day-to-day existence will likely be business as usual. “It will just be normal stuff and I’ll just be dad. I’ll be their taxi driver and whatever they need,” he smiled before noting, “I’m older.”

Russell had a visit with good friends Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness today at the SoHo House in the Meatpacking District. From Hugh’s Instagram, below.
‘Just saw RC’s movie, The Water Diviner,’ he wrote, ‘Opens Friday in the states. Loved it. Congrats Rusty! ‪#‎TheWaterDiviner‬ @russellcrowe.’

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More Promo Tour

– thanks Anne-Claire

Videos at WGN:

From Twitter (click on the small photo to see the big one)

Ken Smith

thanks for the hat! on

Abe Kanan  “Are you not entertained??? Russell Crowe was pretty Cooooo! ”


Russell Crowe autographing hats to give away on the air right now… tune in call in 591-ROCK / 591-ROLL

Lots of great Chicago premiere  Photos at Zimbio

A great review of TWD at Indiewire:

“On screen, Crowe has rarely been more moving; though that’s hardly surprising. What is new is how quietly competent he is behind the camera.

From the Columbus Dispatch:
Directing ‘Diviner’ heady job for Russell Crowe

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Russell Crowe and Keith Rodger attend the Chicago screening

Russell Crowe and Keith Rodger attend the screening of The Water Diviner in Chicago
– at Getty

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The Water Diviner box office

“The Water Diviner, the Russell Crowe-directed and starring Australian historical drama opened in France, Belgium, Netherlands and French-Switzerland. It grossed an estimated $410K at 217 dates in the four markets. France took in about $276K at 142 locales. Belgium grossed an estimated $47K in 24 runs. And the Netherlands brought in $55K at 42 dates while French-Switzerland was good for $36K in nine locales. Universal’s total cume including earlier releases in Australia $12.8M and New Zealand $610K is $13.8M. Universal will release the Award-winning film in seven more European territories.” – from  – thanks Steph

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Russell Crowe on CBS Sunday Morning

Photo gallery career retrospective

Terrific, long segment shot at the farm in Nana Glen

Extra bit – on when you know when a film is working

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The Water Diviner press

Boston Herald interview

Russell Crowe on The Arts Hour BBC

– thanks Allison!

The Larry King interview

Directing is risky, reward is freedom – L.A. Times – with a terrific photo gallery from his films

Russell Crowe hopes The Water Diviner repeats Australian success – Variety

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.33.45 PM
from Eli Roth’s Instagram, with Courtney Love, after the L.A. premiere

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The Water Diviner premiere in L.A.



Russell Crowe ‏at twitter:

Tonight #TheWaterDiviner premiere in LA, on an @IMAX screen at the @ChineseTheatres . So cool, what a privilege. Thanks @wbpictures


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