Hanging out with Ludacris and rolling the dice on #7

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@Ludacris on twitter - Hanging out with one of my Fav actors today Mr Russell Crowe. #legend

Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe gambles with his directorial debut  - excerpt:

VR: Ridley Scott and Ron Howard have both offered you follow-up projects on the strength of your directorial debut.

RC: It’s a great compliment but I already know what I want to do next — Anh Do’s The Happiest Refugee.

VR: How close are you to getting that project off the ground?

RC: People think you become a movie star and then you exist in this magical world where everything falls at your feet but that is just not true. It would be cool to do it but it’s a harsh world. People probably don’t understand the risk. It’s taken me two years to make this film. It’s a big chunk out of what I could be doing as an actor. The movie comes out on December 26 and there are two possible results. Either you get “good try” and it disappears or there is a commercial result and (my backers) decide their investment is potent enough to put the money back on No 7 and roll again.


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The Water Diviner and Sydney seige

The Water Diviner premiere in Coff’s Harbour

Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman react to Sydney seige – #I’ll ride with you

Australians compassionate response to horrifying extremism – at Think Progress

Interviews with Russell Crowe and Jai Courtney – the Young Folks

Mine G meets Russell at the Turkish premiere


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Javert sings for the children

Thanks to Steph for this wonderful story from a grandmother of a young Javert fan:


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Patti Smith nominated for Golden Globe

GG nominee: Best Original Song, Motion Picture “Mercy Is,” Noah (Patti Smith and Lenny K) – thanks Allison

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The Water Diviner coverage

Some terrific quotes from the cast on working with Russell at Mandy Chats to Russell Crowe at The Water Diviner premiere

The Water Diviner – potent anti-war message

Russell’s video message for the Dubai film festival


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New stills from The Water Diviner

Some beautiful new stills from The Water Diviner – thanks Steph

Click thumbnails for larger

Russell tweeted today that The Water Diviner will open in 300 theaters in the U.S. which is a limited release. Judging by these positive early reviews they may need to expand after it opens.

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Russell And Martin Crowe video

Vid from 2006 we’ve featured previously at TRC but worth a revisit for the history. One of my all time favorite interviews in five parts, each part begins automatically so do not stop the player at the end of part 1.

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The Water Diviner coverage – updated

Screen Daily review (another really good one)

Advance screening of The Water Diviner in Coffs Harbour

The Crowe family is hosting an event to thank Russell’s family and friends for all of the support in the early stages of the development of the film which he directed as well as stars in. The invitation-only screening is also raising awareness and funds for Legacy.

With the 100-year anniversary of Gallipoli next year it is such an opportune time to remind people of the important support that Legacy offers to those in need.

A Red Carpet Arrival will take place from 6.30pm with the first Coffs Harbour screening of The Water Diviner at 7pm. There will be a number of members of the local chapter of Legacy here to take donations from the invited guests.

The Hollywood Reporter review

Patti Smith wanted her Noah song to be good for Russell Crowe

The Guardian’s review

Variety’s review of The Water Diviner

Mine’s “spoiler free” review at her Facebook page

Thanks to @russellcrowe at twitter!
The Water Diviner will be featured at the 11th Dubai International Film Festival, December 10-17 – Thanks Marilee

Nice, clear video of the Turkish premiere thanks to Murph

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Russell gives us new selfies and The Water Diviner novel is released

Filming The Water Diviner in Turkey by Andrew Anastasios – at Australian Gourmet Traveller

From Andrew Anastasios blog – The Water Diviner novel is released and wonderful news – there will be an audio version narrated by Jack Thompson.

Our favorite Rabbitohs merch model made a brief stop in Gander, Newfoundland

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.37.24 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.37.57 AM

See Russell’s twitter account for the whole exchange. It had Gander, Newfoundland trending for awhile and caught the attention of the CBC – article at link

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The Water Diviner – reaction and reports – updated

Mine Gursel is a previous contributor to TRC. She attended the Turkish premiere – thanks to Russell. Here are her reports at her Facebook page and photobucket album.


Translation thanks to Mine Gursel –

First minute of the video (above), briefly:
Yılmaz Erdoğan explains how it took 1.5 months for RC to give him the role, Cem jokes about dubbing Y. Erdoğan for his scenes in English in Sydney, Erdoğan jokes saying he continued English lessons on horseback.. then Russell goes “I did all the horses’ voices”
Cem then says Russell told him to pick any role he liked, adding he picked Cemal to let Olga be Ayşe, and that unlike Olga, it would take 4 years not a couple weeks to “transform” himself for the role

Interview with Jai Courtney at The West Australian. Excerpt:

Courtney said he fulfilled a boyhood dream working with Crowe in The Water Diviner, in which he plays a lieutenant-colonel who helps Crowe’s character find the remains of his three sons at Gallipoli.

“Russell has been a hero of mine on the screen for some time. He was picking up all those Academy Award nods right when I was getting passionate about acting. He was the guy for me and my generation and I’ve tracked him pretty closely. So when I read he was making his directorial debut with a film about Gallipoli, it was a no-brainer. I got my hands on a copy of the script and chased the role.”

Yet Courtney was shocked by Crowe’s icy reception.

“Russell is a pretty intimidating character right off the bat. The first thing he said was ‘Do you know how to ride a horse?’ I said ‘Ahh . . .’ and was about to say yes even though I’d only ridden as a kid. He looked me in the eye and said ‘Don’t bulls… me!'”

Luckily, Crowe does all the riding in the film.

“Yeah, he’s a proper cowboy, mate. But it was wonderful to have that dream realised and find myself working alongside him and under his direction.”

Andrew Anastasios on the Turkish premiere

Anzac landing told from fresh perspective in The Water Diviner

From SMH Gatecrasher:

The first time director was easygoing on the red carpet but was quick to acknowledge the sometimes heavy going of filmmaking.  “It’s an art form first, but I do respect the fact that it’s the most expensive commercial art form that exists.  I love having that pressure – here’s your budget, here’s your available assets, here’s the time frame you have to work in.  It’s a relentless pursuit making a feature film.”

What advice do you have for aspiring Australian storytellers?  “To be exactly that, be a story teller, don’t get caught up in the ease of how you can finance a genre-based movie.  In every person here there would be a feature film . . . a story of loss and grief and love and adventure and that’s what you have to focus on, that kind of human engagement.”

As a Californian I found this kinda cute: Earthquake rocks South Sydney Rabbitohs. Photo at the link. Pish – a 4.7 is a baby quake we sleep through those. ;)

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