More The Nice Guys press

This interview from SMH has some terrific quotes from Russell. Excerpt:

“That’s what has been the greatest thing for me in my life,” says Russell Crowe. “That my job is something I have a deep, intrinsic essential passion for. So when I go to work I don’t really think about the hours. I don’t think about the embarrassment of crying for 12 hours in front of 200 people.”  …

“Well, you know, you might work with somebody whose company you don’t necessarily enjoy,” he explains. “You might work with someone who, for want of experience or whatever, takes you on a journey that’s inefficient. But really, at the end of the day, I am not doing this for anybody else. I do it for me because I love the idea of telling stories and I love the effect it has on people. I do it for my own reasons.”

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The Nice Guys press tour rolls on

New game! Play The hard Way game at The Nice Guys official website

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T.V. Appearances

Today show with Ryan – May 24 – (rescheduled from last week)

Graham Norton – May 26 – repeat (YouTube video is in TRC – scroll)

– Thanks Allison

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Ryan Gosling spills Russell Crowe’s teacup collection

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The Nice Guys go to Rome

and speak Italian!


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Graham Norton meets The Nice Guys

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The Nice Guys Porn Names

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The Nice Guys press

I saw it tonight and it’s wonderful! I laughed so hard and was totally engaged with the characters. Can’t wait to see it again! From the London premiere at Odeon Leicester Square today:

Below, more promotional videos including a couple from today’s London premiere. “Bondi, James Bondi.

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70s style cartoon promo

Have you ever seen a promotion push as amazing as that for The Nice Guys? Can’t wait to see the film tonight but I’m going to miss all this.

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Russell’s nose broken while filming The Nice Guys

I wonder on how many films he’s had his nose broke now? So much for cutting back on the stunt work, he gets hurt anyway! From The Boston Herald – excerpt:

“Stunt stuff,” he enthused during an interview at the Beverly Hilton hotel, “is one of my fortes going back to ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Romper Stomper.’ It’s in my DNA and I know it really well.”

But the film’s mighty — and mightily mean — hand-to-hand fight with Keith David in the midst of a druggy Hollywood Hills bash had a surprise punch.

“Keith actually broke my nose, got me right on the nose with an elbow,” Crowe cheerfully reported.

“Everybody heard — because they’re all wearing headphones — and they’re freaking out because it’s the middle of the night in a party sequence and there are 250 extras.

“I was a little dizzy and said, ‘Let’s go.’ They were, ‘Are you serious?’ Shane Black was like, ‘Oh yeah.’

“Keith, I have great affection for him; I had done ‘The Quick and the Dead’ with him.

“There’s nothing to say, a little blood and a couple of black eyes the next day, a little racoonish.”

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