Happy Thanksgiving from Mary Anne and Tamara!

From November 2006




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The only father who came looking

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Double Acts: Tognetti and Crowe

Source: The Strad

Reprint of Double Acts: actor Russell Crowe and violinist Richard Tognetti, original article appearing in July 2004 issue. The actor and the violinist tell the tale of meeting one another and working together on Master and Commander – a wonderful read.

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Ch 7 Sunday Night Interview

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Dust Storm Clip

From The Water Diviner channel on YouTube, a clip:

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Turkish poster and banner

Turkish poster and banner for The Water Diviner

turkishposter turkishbanner

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Flat whites and sensitive souls

Excerpt from Sunday Night interview with Mike Willesse:

“I’m extremely sensitive, and that’s probably where some of my negative stuff comes from,” Crowe tells Sunday Night’s Mike Willesse.

“I’m a little bit intuitive, so I know from a handshake whether somebody means me good or ill.

“And sometimes I don’t want to, once I know where they’re coming from I don’t want to play that game anymore.”

The flat white or how to order a cup of coffee like Russell Crowe – at L.A.Times


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Actors boot camp with Russell Crowe

Movie Jones – German site with a gallery of large stills from The Water Diviner - thanks Steph

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Shipping discount on biscuit tins and a bit of news

Great tip from reader Christine which I followed with success, paying less than half the listed shipping price:

Hi – to anyone who’s interested in buying a Water Diviner biscuit tin via Ebay and is put off by the high international shipping cost – you can halve this by asking the vendor to empty the biscuits out! Then all you have to do is to Google Anzac biscuits for the recipe, make a batch and refill the tin!

Russell Crowe interviewed this week by Mike Willesee of 7News (Australia)

Patti Smith and Darren Aronofsky discuss Smith’s lullaby “Mercy Is” and their differing interpretations of The Book of Genesis at The Museum of the Moving Image – at IndieWire

Images from The Water Diviner at MovieStillsDB – thanks Steph


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 7.45.57 PM

Gabriele Muccino tweeted above still from Fathers and Daughters.

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The Truth About Us features Russell Crowe and Mickey Castellano

2nd Update: Read more about the program and there is a video at the link with short snippets of Russell and Mickey.

Update – Message from Angela Pulvirenti at her Facebook page:

Sent Mr Russell Crowe a link to his episode last night. He is in the US filming with Ryan Gosling. He’s not afraid to be critical so it was a nervous wait while he watched…but then this text message “you know, that was really cool. Thank you”. Be still my heart.


Foxtel (Australia) television network Bio begins a new 30 minute segment  interview series, “The Truth About Us”. The first segment airs Decmber 1 at 7:30 EDT.

Episode one features Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe and his colourful onset costumer and dresser, 72 year-old New Yorker Mickey Castellano.

Friends and collaborators for almost 20 years, Mickey and Russell first met on the 1995 set of Virtuosity and from 1998 to 2010, Mickey travelled the world with Russell on every film he made.

“The Truth About Us was a truly enjoyable experience for me and an overwhelming one for my long time mate and costumer, Mickey Castellano. Mickey has never been interviewed before on any medium, let alone about his connection to me,” said Russell Crowe.

“He used to be so tough and edgy, but now, as Angela Pulvirenti captured so deftly in her interview, he is a lovely beating heart of emotion.”

Hoping this comes to YouTube or becomes somehow available for the rest of the world.

– thanks to Steph

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