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1..2..3..4 What god? Change
Chillin' Composition Copper!
Tight cords... Hey Ho Deity
Not Finished Genius Good Year
Gravity Like it Here Like This
Love to Play I'm Oedipus Sacrifice...
Right Russhhh Secret
Sheila Shutdown Suffer

50 Terrabytes

Proof of Life

Deep Breath Do This Myself Suggestion

The Sum of Us

Real Nice After All

3:10 to Yuma

Laugh While You Can Be Green Sprung From Hell

Inside the
Actors' Studio

Big Snot Snot Moment Strange Moment
Holy Shit! Piss Off! Room 21
Fat Guy Get On With

Russell as Commie

Fame Skinny Slave!


2 Guns, Baby, Bad Ah, Good Onya Um, well
Inside Your Head
Inside Your Head
Happy Easter, Baby
(as Jimmie)
Ladies - Long Ladies - Short Splendid
A Big Surprise Patter WmMorris Sample
A Bit of Tennyson  Spell of the Yukon

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